Friday, April 26, 2013

A Gold Leafing Mini Makeover

Yes, I confess, my gold leafing pen is one of my favorite things.  I'm in the process of prettying up my office and my desk has been changing slightly.  I was using a cute plastic cup to hold my writing utensils but I wanted to find something else.  While I was at Lowe's I checked out their bathroom decor section (they always seem to have things on clearance in that area) and I came across a toothbrush holder on clearance for four bucks.  Since the colors for my office are going to be gold, black, pink and white I snatched it up.

The only issue was the silver detail.  I decided to gold leaf it and this is the result.

This was one of the quickest makeovers I've ever done :)

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. That's cute!! Clever thinking using a bathroom holder....I have a crazy amount of pens & pens in a drab office pencil holder....sounds like I need to pop into Lowes and change that!


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