Monday, May 6, 2013

My first spray painting project...sprayed again!

Greetings!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke of some spray painting that I did.  Well the fun didn't stop with just the pots.  I actually sprayed four things that day...two pots, a side table and a lamp.  Today I'm going to talk about the side table.

This side table was the first piece of furniture that I ever spray painted.  I did it when I was 18 and updating my room since I was out of high school and thought I was grown :)  The table was one that my Mom had and wasn't using so I asked if I could have it and she said sure.  The legs on the table were originally brass, but at that time of my life I loved silver, so that's what I sprayed it.  There it is on the right of the picture.

Here's a close up right before I got to work on it.

I had a fresh bottle of gold spray paint that was ready to go!  I love how it turned out.

Those images were taken out on the patio right after it finished drying.  I loved how it looked on the rug out there, but its home is inside.  Here it is in its normal location.

The gold pops out so much better especially since it's against a grey background.  The silver blended right in with the couch, so it was barely noticeable.

What was your first spray painting project and do you still have it?  If so, has it undergone another transformation?


  1. The gold looks so much sweeter! My first spray paint project I was 21, I was spray painting a metal bed from black to cream! It was a vintage bed frame on loan to my from my mom. That I've since returned to her and its still cream to this day and looks good!

  2. It came out so much nicer than the silver.


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