Friday, June 7, 2013


My favorite month of the did it slip away so fast?  May is actually one of the busier months of the year for me because all but one weekend involves family activities.  These activities are Mother's Day (the second week), my birthday (the third week) and Memorial Day (the fourth week).  I haven't been documenting life as much lately, but here are some photos from Mother's Day.  After getting a manicure and pedicure, we went back to my house and had lunch then tea time.  We (my Mom, Grandma, Sister and I) dressed up, wore fancy headgear (some which were DIY) and  gloves.  My sister and I also decorated the table (some of which were fresh cut roses from my yard!).  My sister made a Salmon Nicoise salad and the finger sandwiches, and I made White Bean and Kale soup and put the dessert display together.  We went all out!  Here are some photos-

Us ladies :)

The fascinator that I made for my Mom-

The fascinator that my sister made for our Grandma-

My sister's fascinator

My fascinator (DIY!)

Enjoy the weekend!

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