Monday, November 4, 2013

Spring Forward Project List 2013 Edition *Update*

Hey there people!  Before I crawled under that blasted rock (the one that kept me from blogging for nearly three months), I posted this list in the Spring and wanted to update you all on what's been completed or is a work in progress.  Here goes...


1. Finish decorating the living room
  • Create a new painting to hang above the TV
  • Style the mantel and hang a large image above it
2.  Dining Room
  • DIY roman shades (or purchase on sale)
  • Add round light bulbs to the light fixture (and maybe spray paint it)
3. Kitchen
  • Create artwork to hang on the larger wall
  • Add a small island
1 . Master Bedroom

  • Paint
  • DIY a headboard
  • Spray nightstands white
  • Lamp project for nightstands
  • Make a small table for the sitting area
  • Re-purpose a coffee table into a bench
  • Make two pairs of curtains and three roman shades
  • Add artwork (photography, paintings and prints all DIY)
  • Purchase another one of these as a credenza and style it

2. Master Closet (this may be for autumn instead, but this is the list)
  • Remove door and make a curtain
  • Remove all racks and replace with white shelves
  • Spray bookcase white and move into closet for shoe and accessory storage
  • DIY a small table for all of my nail polish and nail care products
  • Change light fixture

Yikes...still didn't do as much as I would have liked.  Oh well, there's always Autumn and Winter.  BUT on a brighter note, all of the projects that are still in progress or already complete will be revealed this week!

And now for a couple of pictures...because as I've stated before, I like images in blog posts.

A Fresh GA Peach popsicle by King of Pops ...and this thing was peach skin and all.  Chomp!

This is the cute little popsicle stand that they sell from.

Just looking at these images makes me miss summer even more.


  1. The Popsicle looks yummy, can't wait to see the updates around your house!

    1. It was so good, and they have the most creative flavor combinations. The cookies and cream has a whole chocolate chip cookie in it!


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