Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Forward Project List 2013 Edition

Hey there and Happy Daylight Savings Time!  If you remember, last year I shared my love for Daylight Savings Time and listed the projects that I wanted to complete.  Looking back I see that there is a lot that I did not do.  I only completed 2.5 projects/rooms out of eight.  Woops!

This spring/summer I have a few things that I would like to do around the house.  Some things are projects that I never started from last year.  I plan to focus more on DIY, repurposing and inexpensive purchases (aka no big ticket items).  I also think that I was unrealistic with all of the things that I listed last year, so this will be a more comfortable list.

1. Finish decorating the living room
  • Create a new painting to hang above the TV
  • Style the mantel and hang a large image above it
2.  Dining Room
  • DIY roman shades (or purchase on sale)
  • Add round light bulbs to the light fixture (and maybe spray paint it) so that it can look similar to this

 3. Kitchen
  • Create artwork to hang on the larger wall
  • Add a small island

1 . Master Bedroom
  • Paint
  • DIY a headboard similar to one of these
Vienne Headboard With Metal Bed Frame  


  • Spray nightstands white
  • Lamp project for nightstands
  • Make a small table for the sitting area
  • Re-purpose a coffee table into a bench
  • Make two pairs of curtains and three roman shades
  • Add artwork (photography, paintings and prints all DIY)
  • Purchase another one of these as a credenza and style it
2. Master Closet (this may be for autumn instead, but this is the list)
  • Remove door and make a curtain
  • Remove all racks and replace with white shelves
  • Spray bookcase white and move into closet for shoe and accessory storage
  • DIY a small table for all of my nail polish and nail care products
  • Change light fixture
Hopefully this list will not be too much of a challenge to actually complete.  Any fun projects coming up for you guys? 


  1. love your project list! I can't wait to see your closet makeover. I'm looking into closet systems right now that are affordable, I really like the ones from Lowes...depending on the price

  2. This is a great list! It all seems very doable :). And, I'm trying to work up the nerve to sew my own roman shades -- can't find anything I like on sale!

  3. I just did a list for my home as well. I can't wait to see your progress. Are you still painting your bedroom navy?

    1. Yes, the plan is still to paint it navy. I just haven't decided if I want all of the walls navy or just an accent wall :-\

    2. I painted my bedroom black a few months ago and I went with one accent wall since my room is so small.

    3. That sounds beautiful! I love the drama yet coziness that dark colors add to rooms.


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