Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Updates to the Kitchen

A few months ago my job moved to a new building and bought all new furniture.  This was great because they were getting rid of every little thing that was in the old office (for the most part).  I snagged a couple of items and have put them to great use since.  One of those things was a kitchen cart.  It was perfect because I wanted one for the kitchen anyway and I didn't even realize that it was a cart until I pulled it out of the corner in the break room that it had been in for years.  I thought it was just a metal shelving stand and I had intentions on putting it into my office as a new more sturdy place for my printer and paper.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a cart with wheels and everything!  I had been wanting to add an island here since last year when we had a small table in there temporarily and I liked the extra work space that it provided.  I thought this cart would make an ideal temporary island.  It cleaned up great and is a nice little addition the kitchen.

Here's a before of the kitchen a while back.  It has pretty much been like this for 1.5 years.

And here is the "island" now!

Oh yeah, I also scored that vase from the old office, too (the flowers were from our rose bush out front)!

Next for kitchen updates is some art work that I DIYed.  My intention was to hang a few art prints related to kitchens or cooking on the large wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room.  I searched for a few quotes and came across one that I liked and turned it into an art print.  I also liked the silhouette images of kitchen gadgets that I had seen around pinterest, so I got a few images from a free clip art site and made silhouettes of four different gadgets then paired it with the print.  Here is the wall a few years back (old image, excuse the small size).

Still a work in progress, so this is it so far.

If I decide to stick with the gallery wall idea, I'd like to do something like this:

Of course I would use different images that match better and aren't as busy, but hopefully you get an idea of what I'm thinking overall.

So that's all for the kitchen changes thus far.  I think it's coming along okay, but I have been thinking about repainting in there again.  Oy!


  1. Lauren that metal cart is super cute and the perfect proportions for your kitchen!! I've always wanted have a cart in my kitchen! (maybe the next house way in the future) I also think an expanded artwall would look great in your kitchen area

    1. Thank you! That little cart was a God send :)

  2. Great updates! I love the prints you made - and that gallery wall is fantastic, if you stick with that route :)

    1. Thanks, Jenn! I think I will stick with the gallery wall idea and it will make for a dramatic entrance since it's the first wall that you see when you walk into the house :)


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