Friday, August 15, 2014

Master Bedroom Project List

Happy Friday!  I hope your week has been great, but I hope your weekend is even better!

When I last left you all, I was trying to decide if I wanted to go with a darker bedroom or a lighter one.  I've decided to go dark...I want to feel like I'm in a cocoon when I'm sleeping, ha!  But really, I've never had a dark bedroom and since we have the space for it I'm just going to go for it.

So with that, I do have new Before photos of the room (the last set of images weren't too great) and details of what I plan to do in each area.  I'm going to start out facing the bed then go around each corner of the room.

Bed Area//
1.  DIY a floor to ceiling headboard
2.  DIY drapes
3.  Add decorative trim to lamps
4.  Add glass tops or something similar to the nightstands
5.  Add different baskets to shelves on nightstands
6.  Paint the front of the nightstands white
7.  Add a few decorative pillows to the bed.
8.  Paint walls black
9.  Add plantation shutters
10.  Maybe hang one image on the wall to the right with the grey paint sample on it (which has been there for probably 4 years now...this goes for all of the paint samples you will see randomly ahead).

Sitting Area//
1.  Gold and white wallpaper on the three walls of the sitting area.
2.  Either DIY a roman shade or add plantation shutters and DIY small drapes.
3.  Add one floor lamp
4.  Add a side table

Dresser Wall//
I'm not too sure about this area.  I want to paint the front of the dresser drawers white, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it on this wall or move it somewhere else.  I thought about putting a vanity here or maybe a floor mirror because I definitely need a larger one.  You will see what I mean shortly.

Credenza Wall//
1.  Paint walls black
2.  Get four drawer inserts from Ikea for the open spaces.
3.  Get a new TV (ha!  No time soon...)
4.  Get rid of that mirror and replace with a larger one.
(By the way, these doors are the doors to enter the room)
5.  Hang enlarged photos and/or art work.

Entry Walls//
1.  Paint walls black
2.  Probably will keep the hampers there because there's nowhere else to put them and they're right next to the bathroom (the double doors on the right).  Maybe I will move the dresser into this area.
3.  Maybe hang one image on the wall to the right of the bathroom doors.

1.  Thought about painting the ceiling, but probably won't.  Then again who knows how I will feel when the time comes.
2.  Replace the fan.

So there you have it, my proposed project list.  I just hope everything turns out as beautiful as I'm imagining because if not I'll have a crap load of black to cover up, heh :)

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