Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge- Autumn Edition

It's definitely autumn people.  What better way to embrace it than a little Pinterest challenge?

If you are an avid reader of the Young House Love and/or Bower Power blogs, you probably have already caught wind of this.  If not, let me explain...

To sum it up, Pinterest is a site where you can pin inspiring images, recipes, cleaning ideas, clothes, color schemes, hair styles (pretty much anything that makes you go nutzo) to boards that you create.  For the challenge, you were to find something that you have pinned and DIY your own version of it.

My Inspiration Photos                                     

credits 1 2

I have seen these types of images all over pinterest and since I am working on a secret project (to be revealed in a few weeks!), I decided to create my own version for this room.

The Process                                                

1. I decided to do a multi-canvas art piece.  To start, I wanted the edges of both canvases gold, so I sprayed them.

2. Next, I taped the two canvases together and continued spraying them gold (this is my favorite spray paint color at the moment btw).


3. I wanted smaller lines, so next I cut the art tape in half using an x-acto blade.

4. After about 10 minutes I stuck the tape onto the canvases in a pattern that I enjoyed.

5.  Because of my indecisive nature, I have lots of sample paints.  I decided to use a dark gray paint as the background color.  I painted all over the canvas after taping the edges off because I still wanted those gold edges.

6.  After a little time I peeled the tape off.  Did it bleed?  Yes, in some spots.  Patooey!  For the spots that bled I simply touched the edges up with a small paint brush.

The Outcome                                              

I rather enjoy the outcome.  Unfortunately the tape that I used wasn't the best which was the cause for the bleeding.  Next time I'll use painters tape!

So after this was complete I got a little spray paint happy.  Blame it on the fresh, crisp autumn air...or the paint fumes.  I ended up spraying some natural elements that I'm going to be using for my tablescape for Thanksgiving (more on that later) and I found myself hunting around the house for things to spray.  I ended up finding this-

Guess what happened...

Extra Credit!                                                

I haven't quite decided on a layout for these items, but here they are together

...although I also like this for the plate

I'll figure it out (one day)!

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Have you worked on any fun DIY projects lately?  Please share!


  1. This is amazing! I LOVE that you used gold ... so fun.

  2. That's awesome, they look great in your bathroom! Kuddos for taking on the challenge...I've yet to decide what I'd like to make.

  3. Anonymous2.11.11

    Oooooo I love how these turned out and that plate! The gold and aqua are to die for :)

    xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

  4. I'm going to have to try both of those! Just curious, how well does the spray paint hold up on the plate?

  5. Thanks, Catharine!

    Erin, so far so good on the plate! If anything I may spray a sealer on it if it begins to chip.

  6. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    I love LOVE what you did with that canvas!! I don't usually like that project but the sunburst look sold me on it!

  7. This is totally on my Pinterest to-do list, too. Love how yours turned out.

  8. I love it!!! Awesome job!!!! :)

  9. Love the gold spray paint! I haven't tried that color yet! Your projects turned out great! Love the plate in your bathroom!


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