Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend in Photos

Welcome back from the looong weekend!  I for one missed reading blogs, but everyone seems to be posting again today, yay!

Instead of boring you with long winded details of my Holiday weekend, I'll just post lots of photos...because lets be honest, that's all that really matters anyway, right?

Our Table                                                           




Black Friday (really Thursday night)                 

The line to Coach.  The entrance is around the corner on the left of the picture.

I of course opted for the Cole Haan sale (50% off then an extra 20% off!)

Friday Morning                                                   

Still smiling after working 16 hrs straight!

Saturday (tree hunting for my mom's house)   

A bird nest, ha!
We started to decorate the tree at my mom's but it got really late...so as of right now it's sitting at her house with 10 strings of lights on it...that's all.  I'll have a picture later when the decorations are complete.

As for our tree, we put it up on Sunday.  That deserves its own post because there's a little surprise to accompany it.  If you follow me on twitter, you may already know what I've been working on :)


  1. Your table looked wonderful and that breakfast looked amazing...So thanks, now I'm hungry! :) Thank you for sharing such an awesome holiday us!!

  2. The table looked so pretty!! I love the artwork above your buffet! You and your hubby look so cute and happy, looks like a wonderful weekend!

  3. Your table looks AMAZING! Great job :). And your weekend looks so crazy busy ... I'm worn out just looking at your photos ;)

  4. Thanks ladies! I hope that you all had a great Holiday!


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