Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Wrap Up- Pt I

Hey guys...Happy New Year!  I planned on blogging a little after Christmas but the days off of work felt so great that I just laid around watching tv, tweeting, and taking pictures.  Well I did a little more than that, but I basically relaxed for the rest of the year.

Before starting the new year blogging year stuff (which I kind of loathe but feel that it's a necessary evil), I'm dedicating this post (and part two which will be up tomorrow) to the rest of 2011.  In pictures.  I can get a little type crazy at times, so there will be minimal descriptions.  Enjoy!

Our tree on Christmas Eve...complete with Yule Log tv!
Tree at Mom's house on Christmas day.

A few spoils.

We brought our new stockings to my Mom's.  The red and white stocking at the top is the same stocking that I've had since birth.

Very excited...

...but territorial.

My sister decorated the dinner table beautifully!  Since we had a French themed dinner, she added touches of French decor.  The colors were black and white.

Great job, Sis!

See you tomorrow for part two which will wrap up Christmas and bring in the new year!


  1. Both your tree and your mom's tree are beautiful! And, that table your sister decorated is stunning! What a beautiful holiday :)

  2. Everything looks so pretty!!

    ps. I have the same little angel! :)

  3. Thanks!

    Katrina, I LOVE the little angels! They are the cutest :)


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