Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guest Bath Updates

I've been up to something.  A little project that was an off and on kinda thing.  I'm sure some of you can relate.  You get the urge to do something, go all in, then get burned out halfway in and leave it sitting there for a few months or more.

Well I had an itch to paint something.  Anything.  I thought about leftover paint that I already had (el cheapo) and decided on the grey that was used in the kitchen.  I spontaneously painted the guest bath with the following mood board in mind.  Since I didn't use it as the color scheme for my wedding, I decided to use it for the guest room and bath.

When I was finished painting I took the old shower curtain down replacing it with a temporary one that I had from my bachelorette days.  I also changed the light bulbs to daylight so that it would brighten the place up (since there are no windows).  I added a few decor pieces (one including the paintings that I did for a pinterest challenge) then got burned out.  Untouched for 2+ months.  Lost the steam.

After taking down the Christmas decor earlier this week, I ended up making a few changes to the bathroom to incorporate some of my newer DIY pieces.  Luckily I had the thought to put the vase in there once the holidays were overs since it matched the color scheme.

Before:                                                                     After:


 Here are all of the afters:

DIY projects (some that I haven't blogged about yet...bad me!) were the vase, the pine cones, the painting, the plate and the SL print.

I enjoy where the bathroom is headed.  I'm not completely done yet.  I still want to DIY a shower curtain (or dye the current one) and possibly change out the light fixture.  And maybe spray the picture frame a different color.  Ahh, there will always be something to tweak!


  1. Looks good! i'm the same way I get gung-ho about certain projects then lose interest! lol I'm trying to get better about following though with all my ideas!

    ps: I like the artwork!

  2. AMAZING transformation! Very spa-like :)

  3. Thanks, ladies! Now lets see how long I will keep it like this :)


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