Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anniversary Date Night: March 26th

It's that time of the month night recap!  Just to give you a refresher, we decided that we are going to celebrate our anniversary every month on the date that we were married (the 26th), so we have a special date night whether it's at home or outside of the house (here are the previous posts if you missed them: January, February).

This month we had an in home date.  We are Mad Men fanatics.  I mean, this is the only show that Simon will actually look forward to watching with me and that says a lot since he's not really into TV.  We decided to have a Mad Men party with just us two, so we dressed in Mad Men attire, ate pasta salad, he drank out of a lowball and I drank out of a cordial, and we watched the season premiere on dvr (no commercials!).

And just for fun, here are the same pictures with an old school look to them in honor of our show!

Do any of you love Mad Men as much as we do?


  1. 1. love your hair!
    2. cute shoes!
    3. love Mad Men!

    Oh yeah, your post is about Mad Men + Anniversary night! lol I'm a huge fan of Mad Men, my bff threw a party for the premier on Sunday night, sadly she lives 2hrs away and I couldn't make it.

    Now that we don't have cable, I'll be watching it online (alone) Hasani isn't a fan, although he promised to give it another chance!Thankfully Netflix has all the seasons :)

  2. Thanks, Katrina! Now that it's getting hot outside it's time for the natural hair :)

    That's one thing that I will miss about not having cable once we decide to get rid of it...having to wait for episodes to become available online and on Netflix! Still beats the alternative of a high cable bill though :)

  3. Great pics of the two of you and the great evening that it looked like you all had. :)


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