Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Second Take at Bookcase Styling

Hello!  I hope your week is coming along well.  As for me, I've been working through my spring forward project list.  I took a trip to Hobby Lobby over the weekend and bought a few items for the patio sprucing, the bookcase, and the living room.  Well, I bought more than that, but that's neither here nor there :)

If you recall, my first take at bookcase styling was in early February when I added a small one to the living room (here).  The area still seemed naked, so after a little research, I decided on a set up that I liked.   I was inspired by Jess Constable's living room; a TV stand in between two bookcases.

{image via Apartment Therapy}

I last left you with a few sneak peek shots of the bookcase and am happy to say that it's complete for now.  When I say for now, I mean until I'm ready to change it up...hopefully no time soon!



A souvenir from my trip to Cancun.

Bookends found at Hobby Lobby...half off!

Another souvenir from Cancun and my Mom's stapler from the 70's.

Bringing the outdoors in with the branch that I spray painted.  The picture frames will have pictures in them soon, I ran out of ink and couldn't print them :)

I'm working on a painting to hang above the TV, so that big empty hole will soon be filled.  Thoughts?  I'm up for constructive criticism on my styling, so if you see anything that could use some work, let me know!


  1. I love bookcases in living rooms - yours look nice and well styled!

    The only addition I would make is maybe adding one more center stand in the living room, to bring the height of the TV up?? so its more centered height wise with your bookcases? Just an idea

  2. Thanks, Katrina! I'm hoping that the painting that I add will make everything look a bit more proportional; we'll see how it goes. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  3. I love your new bookshelves! And, I think you styled them beautifully -- so many fun pops of color. A painting will look amazing above the tv :)

  4. Thank you, Jenn! I was hoping that the pops of color would bring a little life to the room :)


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