Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Wreath Story

Hello!  I hope you all are knee deep in Christmas crafting, shopping and decorating!  I'm just about done with my Christmas shopping (I got started early this year).

If you remember, I mentioned that I got our Christmas tree from a thrift store this year for 20 bucks.  I also snagged a huge wreath for 4 bucks.  I bought some ribbon to accompany it.  I planned to stick with the theme of the tree by using multicolored ribbon and white ornaments.

The first idea that I had didn't work out so well (no pictures of that process), so I thought of a different idea.  It all stemmed from a branch that was pointing off of the wreath.  I decided to do a little "construction" to it.

First I started with a box, cut it so that it lied flat, then cut a triangle out of a flap.  I then cut a curve on the edge of the triangle so that it would naturally curve with the wreath.

Then I hot glued the piece to the wreath and began hot gluing the ribbon to it.

I ended up having to add another piece of cardboard next to the first piece to extend it to the edge of the wreath.


Finally I added the white ornaments to a piece of the red ribbon and tied it to the top corner of the wreath.  This is the end result!

Here's a little close-up

Here are a few more pictures of the mantle.  I wanted to keep it clean this year.

Have you worked on a wreath or any other Christmas crafts?  Please share!

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