Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dining Room Updates

November was a pretty busy month full of all sorts of DIY projects.  I'm going to cover two of them tonight.  The first is dining room no-sew curtains, and the second a little spray paint to a tray (you knew spray paint was going to be in this post somewhere, didn't ya?).

As you may know, we made LONGGG curtains for our great room earlier this year (check it out here if you haven't seen them).  It took a while and was our first time making them, so we figure we're veterans now when it comes to making smaller ones.  I went to the same fabric store from before and got the fabric for $3.99 a yard (that's the regular price of all fabric in the store!).  I found this fabric and really liked it because it would blend well with the other curtains but still have it's own personality.

I ended up making these by myself, and it only took about three hours (much better than the three days it took us to make the other ones).

Just to remind you, here are some before pictures of the Dining Room.

Shortly after moving in.

A few months after moving in.

The day before the curtains went up.

Another angle.
And this is the end result

I plan on keeping the curtains open and replacing the shades with a pair that have a thermal lining so that it will help to keep the room warm.

The second project that I completed was changing the color of the tray that our liquor bottles are on.  You may remember the tray from this post.  I had been contemplating if I wanted to keep it the jade color that it was or spray it a different color.  I decided to spray the inside gold and keep the outside jade.

I enjoy the result!


  1. love that you went gold on the inside of the tray! It's an instant Ta-da! :) The curtain looks great and add so much warmth killer deal on the price per yard!

  2. Thanks! I'm so in love with gold right now :)

  3. Wow! Those curtains are amazing! And, such a great deal. And, I love the tray .... so cool that it's two-tone :)


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